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 Iguanodon Bernissartensis

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PostSubject: Iguanodon Bernissartensis   Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:36 pm

Iguanodon Bernissartensis

Height: 14.5 feet
Weight: 3 tons
Length: 41 feet
Male: Dark green body. Area under the neck is often hot reddish pink or in old individuals, dark red. Underbelly is pale yellowish white, and the eyes are green. Top of head and neck is orangish yellow, formed into one large blotch/stripe, running down the head, ending at the tip of the tail.
Young Male: Lime green with blackish brown striping. Area under the neck is reddish pink, the underbelly is pale white, and the eye's are light green.
Female: Forest green body. Area under the neck is hot pink, the eye's are dark green, and the underbelly is pale yellowish white. Like the male, females have a large yellow stripe on top of their heads and necks.
Young Female: Brownish green with brownish black striping. Underbelly is pale white and the eye's are green.

Preferred Habitat: Open grasslands or sparse Redwood Forests that it and it's herd will flatten.
Diet: Their batteries of grinding teeth can conquer even the toughest of the islands vegitation, including woody branches. Will also eat berries and fruit that they shake out of trees.
Family: Hadrosauridae
Social Structure: Often living in large herds with up to 30 individuals, led by an alpha male. These groups are often accompanied by the swift Leallynasaura, as they tend to feed off the bits of plants that the Iguanodon drop from their mouths.
Description: Large, bulky, quadrupedal and bipedal hadrosaur. Long neck, with a hard beak filled with lots of little openings for blood vessels. Grinding teeth are hidden inside the mouth by their cheeks. Forearms are long and have 5 fingers, one ending in a very large claw, which is used to defend the animals and 'hook' onto vegitation. Thumb spike is larger in males then in females. Large eyes. Long, thick tail used for balance when walking, running or swimming.
Behavior: Iguanodon was one of the most sucessful dinosaur herbivores back in it's original time on Earth; colonizing every single continet on Earth. The same thing has happened on Isla Sorna. Over the years, Iguanodon has flourished sucessfully, able to not only eat any type of vegitation the island has to offer, including braches, but it is also able to defend itself against carnosaurs like Acrocanthosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Using it's thumb-spike on both hands, it can swing it around freely, swiping at opponets and carnivores, aiming for the neck region or the soft eye. It can also use it's thumb spike to dig into the ground, digging up roots and sometimes to clasp onto treetrunks and literally move them away to get to higher vegitation. Iguanodon are generally very noisy,, specifically with the males during the breeding season. During the breeding season, the red region under their neck becomes very bright, and males flex their thumb-spikes at females to show-off. In breeding duels, it is the loudest call that a male can make that will win the female. After laying their eggs, female Iguanodon are very protective of their eggs, ready to fend off even large Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus if under attack. After the young hatch, the females will take turns taking care of the eggs in a simular fashion to Maiasaura, while the actual parent forages for food for herself and for the chicks to eat. After the young become big enough, they start to travel with the herd, staying inside the protective circle that the adults make, simular to the sauropods of the plains. Iguanodon, becuase of their battery of grinding teeth, are able to eat any vegitation, including woody branches that Isla Sorna has to offer. That is why Iguanodon is so successful on the island.
Additional Information: Aside from their thumb-spikes, Iguanodons cal also use their thick, long tail which makes up most of the body length, to whap at carnivores at an astonishing speed. These blows can often knock down even the largest of Giganotosaurs, giving the individual a chance to escape.
Maximum Age: The oldest an adult Iguanodon individual can reach is 26.7 years.
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Iguanodon Bernissartensis
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