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 Jurassic Park - Isla Malhado

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park - Isla Malhado   Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:07 pm

The start of my park log on Isla Malhado, approximately 248 miles West of Chile, South America. Follows an unknown persons story to be revealed at the end, with a download link of the island being described as it's built and opened.

Jurassic Park - Isla Malhado:
Section 1: Reconstruction of the Park
It has been over a month since the UN and the American government let us try to recreate a safer, better and more secured Jurassic Park. Our team of experts searched the globe for a suitable island to build the park on. One was located in Europe, but had far too many mountains, and was way too small. Another one in Spain was although close to the mainland, but was quite small; too small to build a park. We even looked at islands in the Afghan regions, but the risk of getting attacked by Al-Quadea forces was to high. Finally, we settled for an island in South America, called Isla Malgado. Legend has it that ancient tribes lived on this island, and was used mainly for sacrifical purposes, hence the name meaning "Misfortune Island". A week asfter sealing a deal with the leader of Chile, we sent hundreds of workers, each carrying supplies and work tools to the island, and work was began on Isla Mahlado.

The first task was planning and designing paddocks for the animals. Out original population of species was around 10, but polls in America and worldwide showed that other people wanted leser known dinosaurs on the island, amping up the popultion to 25, almost twice as much as originally planned. Building herbivore paddocks was easy; small dinosaurs like Lealynasaura didnt require much security, being so gentle to the point of being petted by workers, but carnosaurs like Carcharodontosaurus required 12,000 volts of electricity in their fences to keep them in, let alone the turrents, cameras and avoidence beacons that were placed inside and outside the paddocks. Another problem with building was becuase the island was once an ancient sacrifical island, we had to get rid of the ancient ruins that layed their. But this wasnt easy; archaeologists argued fiercly abotu the destruction of the ruins, saying it was an important find in the research field. Finally, inGen and the archaeologists came to an agreement; hundreds of pictures of the ruins were take, and the remains of the ruins were to be sent to worldwide scientists to study. This halted the construction of Guest Area D for a few weeks, slowing down production by a half-month, which causted time and money for the company.

Secondly, the task of getting genetic material to create the dinosaurs wasnt as easy as it seemed. The death of our old geneticist Henry Wu had halted us from the beginning. It took a while, but we did happen to find a new geneticist; B.D. Wong, a Chinese man of thirty-five to fill the job. Wong immediately began extracting precious blood from prehistoric amber the minute he got the chance. The Hamachi-Hood gene sequencers and out four Cray XMP supercomputers aided him and the other geneticists in the hunt for dinosaur blood to clone from. While Wong and his crew extracted blood, Muldoon and the security forces were leading the construction of the carnivore paddocks. He was able to convince me to leave out the Velociraptor "Nublarensis" and "Sornaensis" from the park population, and instead, a third subspecies: Velociraptor "Europensis", a smaller, less dangerous raptor enginerred, filled the job for the raptors.

Section 2: Problems Arise:
After begining construction on Guest Area B, we ran into a snag. It appeared that most of the building material that was to be used for the area wasnt shipped in the original arrival to the island. Back in California, Wong called the material company to request a new shipment be sent to the island. The manager said because since most of the materials and delivery men were all on duty working at the World Trade Center rebuildment site in NYC, the materials couldnt be expected for another month or so. For now, progress is halted. Another snag we ran into is the electrical wiring malfunctioning. All of the electrical fencing power all comes from a large generator located North of the island. When we tried to test out the Cretaceous Ceratopsian enclosure fencing, nothing happened; no power surged through the wiring.

When we checked on the underground wires that connected the generator power with the fencing, it appeared moles had gnawed on it. Expected repair could cost hundreds, maybe thousands, and thats even if other moles hadnt chewed up other underground wiring. The result from the chewed wires was the electrical power which normally surged throuought the park fencing, was dead. Even if we were to get dinosaurs from the DNA and place them in the paddocks, we would all be at risk of attack from a carnosaur or other dangerous dinosaur breaking out of the dead paddock and attacking or killing workers.

And foremost, our funding from the Field Museum in Chicago has been decreased to the point of uselesness. Almost half of the limited funding for the construction of Jurassic Park: Isla Malhado consisted from the Field Museum. Apparently, the board directors decided that the risk of the park failing and falling into chaos was too high, and eventually the Excecutive Officer decided to cut almost all of the funding for Jurassic Park. Currently, the other members of the board are searching for funders willing to support the construction of Jurassic Park. I fear for the worst.
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Jurassic Park - Isla Malhado
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