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 Embryonic and Laboratory Compound

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PostSubject: Embryonic and Laboratory Compound   Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:59 pm

One of the spookiest reminders for the older dinosaur population on Isla Sorna about their terrible past made so by the now defunct InGen corporation. The location where the original dinosaurs of Isla Sorna were enginereed, it's obvious as the reason for all of the computers and hatcheries that lie in this building. left in a state of utter decomposition, the enviroment has slowly started to take over this area; computer wires and objects are chewed through, and the screens having a fine layer of dust and mold, chairs and talbes overturned by Velociraptors, eggshells from dinosaur embryos crushed on the floor, glass windows and incubators shattered, and specifically, the two Cray XMP supercomputers are in an irreversible state of destructionl never again to be used.

The compound is a bit smallish, and has little facilities: the main buildings in the center, a watchtower looming over the area, tens of cars that look like they were in a junkyard litter the ground, a sign reading "inGen, we Make your Future" lies in ruin, and nearly demolished smaller facilities scattered around the main buildings.

Most older, inGen-created dinosaurs avoid these areas, due to the packs of Dilophosaurs, Velociraptors and Troodons that loom these areas, claiming parts of the compound as their own.
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Embryonic and Laboratory Compound
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