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 Dense Jungle

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Advanced Tyrannosaurus
Advanced Tyrannosaurus

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PostSubject: Dense Jungle   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:26 pm

One of the more densely forested areas of Isla Sorna, the Jungles are a mystifying place. Although no InGen structures were built here, sometimes the occasional dinosaur comes across a stranded InGen hunter skeleton that was unfortunate enough to come to these parts. Scattered gun and gun parts can be found in some places, and curiosity can sometimes be lethal; a raptor playing with an RPG accidentaly fired it once and it destroyed a whole tree.

The mass density of the paleo trees in the area are more than enough to keep out super-predators like Tyrannosaurus Rex or Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis or large herbivores like Brachiosaurus or Apatosaurus from coming into these areas, but this is the perfect chance for smaller dinosaurs to take a shot of avoiding the larger dinosaurians. Already, flocks of Hypsilophodon and packs of vicious Dilophosaurus have tended to make homes and terriotires their.

Although not rare, it is still almost common to find a stranded hadrosaur to become lost in the Jungle, and become prey for the lurkers of the shadows.
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Dense Jungle
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