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 Central Paddocks & Aviary

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PostSubject: Central Paddocks & Aviary   Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:56 pm

To most of the Nublar species, the Central Paddocks were where the first of Nublar's population were released. From the Metriacanthosaurus to the Stegosaurus, most of the dinosaur population were kept here, to be put on display for the failed Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar project. Both the Aviary and the Central Paddocks offer a wide range of smooth terain and grassy areas for most and many of Isla Nublars dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. Most of the paddock fencing has been flattened by her inabitants, an the wiring has been rusted away by natural forces of Mother Nature.

The dormant Aivary is located smack in the middle of a river stocked with fish. It's inhabitants were originally the Pteranodon Hippocratesi and possibly Cearadactylus Atrox, but before they were to be presented to the group in Jurassic Park, the systems failed, and in the end, the island was bombed. Most of the glass for the Aviary has been broken, and it's shards and bits litter and sprinkle the grass. The pterosaur population has by now escaped, but breeding populations often return here to find a nice nesting spot.
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Central Paddocks & Aviary
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