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 Deep Channel

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PostSubject: Deep Channel   Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:12 pm

One of the most wet regions on Isla Sorna, the Deep Channel can often be called a Swamp. A good population of hadrosaurids like Parasaurolophus and Muttaburasaurus as well as carnivores like Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus and Allosaurus Fragillis roam these areas. Aside from the large dinosaurs, smaller predators such as Monolophosaurus and Herrerasaurus, and the smaller herbivores like Hypsilophodon and Gallimimus can be found here.

The plant life here is much more exotic than the regular plant life around the island. Due to the plants growing near the waters edge, and living in a moist and warm enviroment, the plants here have a little bit of everything; hadrosaurs can go crazy over this. With herbivores eating exotic plants and having rich meat, the carnivores can go crazy over meat, as well. Aside from the land predators, you will see that it's not just Spinosaurus and Allosaurus you have to worry about from attack; much larger predators lurk the waters, waiting to snatch up an adult hadrosaur to feast on.
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Deep Channel
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