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 Maiasaura Peeblesorum

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Advanced Tyrannosaurus
Advanced Tyrannosaurus

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PostSubject: Maiasaura Peeblesorum   Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:41 pm

Maiasaura Peeblesorum

Height: 11.8 feet
Weight: 6.4 tons
Length: 42 feet
Male: Beigish yellow body with a large, lethargic reddish orange blotch covering the upper part of the neck, tail and body. Has a small black border on the blotch with smaller black blotches under that. Eye's are dark reddish orange with round, black pupils. Underbelly is yellowish white or pale white.
Young Male: Beige with small reddish orange blotches and spotting. Missing the black border on the blotches and the smaller black blotches. Underbelly is beigish white and has light blue or orange eyes.
Female: Light beigish yellow with a large maroonish dark orange blotch covering the upper region of the tail, body and neck. Like the males, the females posess a small, black border on the blotch with smaller black blotches beneath that. Eye's are pure orange with circular black pupils. Underbelly is yellowish white.
Young Female: Pale beige with small yellowish orange blotches and spotting. Unlike the adults, female young are missing the black border on the blotches and smaller blotches. Underbelly is pale white with orange eyes.

Preferred Habitat: Open grasslands like the Game Trail or sparse Redwood Forests and large, flat areas of land in a forest, preferrably with a water source nearby.
Diet: These hadrosaurs are not very picky about what they eat. Generally they will eat any type of plant matter, but they usually eat soft vegitation.
Family: Maiasaurini
Social Structure: In large herds led by an alpha female, male or alpha pair. Will migrate to breeding sites and continue to live there in that area untill the younglings bones are filled with calcium, are strong enough to move independatly and are large enough to travel with the herd.
Description: Large, quadrupedal and bipedal hadrosaur, known for it's attenative parental behavior. Long, four-fingered hands which almost connect into one, and gives Maiasaura complete durability when walking on all four legs. Long, thick tail which is held high above the ground and helps for balance when walking and running, and acts like a rudder for swimming. Boxy, almost rectangular skull filled with a battery of grinding teeth, where the lower jaw grinds into the upper jaw, and chews up the food, aiding digestion. Thick, powerful hind legs which can deliver a powerful kick, enough to crack bones and rupture organs. Robust body filled with plenty of meat, and a very large stomach and digestive system.
Behavior: What is most recognizable about Maiasaura is the curving mouth every Maiasaura individual is born or has been cloned with. The upwards curving mouth line curves upwards at the end, and it gives Maiasaura the appearance of smiling or grinnin, making it look like it is constantly happy all the time. One fact about Maiasaura sets it apart from all other hadrosaurs; it's parenting behavior is much more refined than any other hadrosaur. In large nesting sites, adult Maiasaura females and males circle the individual nests, whille the rest of the males set out and bring back large quanities of plant matter, and partially consume it. Returning, the adult males begin setting down the regurgutated plant matter for the hatchlings, and other males begin setting down plants on top of the unhatched eggs, to keep the embryo warm. It does this because if an adult Maiasaura were to attempt to sit on the eggs to keep them warm, the eggs would get crushed, killing the embryo inside. Maiasaura produces average hadrosaur calls, sounding much like that of a cow call amplified through a tube. Aside from the average sounds; honks, snorts, bellows, screeches, hisses, snarls, hoots and roars, Maiasaura can actually weakly mimic their most common predators; carnosaurs. After hearing a sound from a carnosaur, the Maiasaura can use it's nose and loudness to try and mimic the call of the carnosaur. Adolescents can weakly imitate the calls, while adults can almost perfectly re-create the sounds.
Additional Information: Maiasaura is by far the most attenative hadrosaurid parent on Isla Sorna, often going to great lengths to ensure the saftey of their offspring. Examples of their parental bond is when scientists had watched a Maiasaura nesting site be attacked by a pack of Allosaurus. The adult female Maiasaurs stayed and protected the eggs and young, while the adult males fought off the Allosaurs, rearing up on their hind legs and trying to stomp on them. In the end, none of the seven Allosaurs got any food from the herd, and not one Maiasaur was injured. Herds of breeding Maiasaura will often pair up to defend the nest mounds, the females taking turns watching and guarding the eggs and young while the males go out and bring back plant matter and then feed them the regurgitated vegitation for the hatchlings to eat.
Maximum Age: The oldest a Maiasaura adult has reached is 25.9 years.
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Maiasaura Peeblesorum
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