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 Daspletosaurus Lagnodensis

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Advanced Tyrannosaurus
Advanced Tyrannosaurus

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PostSubject: Daspletosaurus Lagnodensis   Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:50 am

Daspletosaurus Lagnodensis

Height: 12.3 feet
Weight: 3.7 tons
Length: 39 feet
Male: Dark green mottled body, with a lethargic, jet black stripe simular is design to Tyrannosaurus; forming above the eye sockets and ending at the tip of the tail. Splitting from the black stripe are smaller, varying sized of black stripes, markings and spotting covering the body except most of the head and the yellowish white underbelly. Eye's are dark yellow with slitted black pupils. Mixing in with the black markings are light and dark brown stripes, some next to the black markings, others interlocking with the larger black markings. Teeth are often colored pale white with yellow forming near the gum base.
Young Male: Forest green mottling, with a thick black stripe like the adult male forming above the eyesockets and ending at the tip of the tail. Sprouting from the black border are smaller black striping and spotting. Underbelly is pale yellowish white, and the eye's are mild yellow with black, slitted pupils. Pale brown markings litter the body with the black striping/spotting.
Female: Dark, rugged yellowish orange mottled body, with a set of jet black striping and blotches marking most of the body except the underbelly. Eye's are dark yellow with black, slitted pupils. Underbelly is yellowish white, often littered with dried blood streaks. Teeth are colored yellowing white, and often have chunks of rotting meat and are crusted with dried blood.
Young Female: Orangish yellow mottling with a variety of charcoal black spotting and striping mark the body everywhere except the underbelly and most of the skull region. Eye's are colored orangish yellow with slitted black pupils. Underbelly is pale yellowish white.

Preferred Habitat: Prefers to live in secluded area's in the forest typically found in the Dense Jungle and area's near the Embryonics and Laboratory Compound. Will also live in sparse Grasslands like the Game Trail.
Diet: Simular to Tyrannosaurus Rex, the powerful Daspletosaurus generally tends to hunt bulky-bodied hadrosaurs like Ouranosaurus and Muttaburrasaurus. With it's slighly fatter body design than Tyrannosaurus, Daspletosaurus often, over hadrosaurs, tends to hunt the slow-moving ceratopsians like Styracosaurus.
Family: Tyrannosauridae
Social Structure: Daspletosaurus, being generally aggresive towards their own kind, even to blood-related specimens, is typically strictly solitary, or in breeding pairs and/or temporary hunting groups.
Description: Bulky-bodied, bipedal carnosaur closely related to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Built with the basic tyrannosaur package; short, two-fingered forearms with a hidden third finger which is hardly noticeable. Thick, sturdy tail designed for balance and used like a rudder when swimming. Strong, powerful hindlegs which can deliver a fatal kick to the stomach or even the Rexticles. Like it's grandson called Tyrannosaurus Rex, Daspletosaurus has a thick, robust skull filled with dagger-like fangs which can be driven deep into flesh.
Behavior: The second un-named species of Daspletosaurus aside from Daspletosaurus Torosus, this unknown species is slightly different from it's brother. Unlike the Torosus species, this species is slightly larger by a couple feet and possibly more aggresive than it's brother. It also has a slightly larger and more thicker skull, resembling the skull of Tyrannosaurus even more. When it was first cloned by InGen in the early 1990's, it was mistaken for a Tyrannosaurus Rex untill a professional paleontologist was brought in and examined the animal and has officially classified the animal as a Daspletosaurus Lagnodensis. During a hunt, Daspletosaurus will often hide in a patch of dense vegitation, examining and observing their prey. After choosing which one the carnosaur will hunt, the Daspletosaurus will then charge at full speed, jaws widened to show a set of butcher-like, thick fangs. When killing their prey, adult Daspletosaurus usually tent to try and get a bite to the leg thighs and tear off chunks of meat, then going for the jugular, whereas adolescents tend to attempt and tackle down their prey, then deliver a bite to the jugular. The roar of Daspletosaurus differs from Tyrannosaurus Rex, sounding like a combination of a slowed down Spinosaurus screech mixed with the growl of an alligator and the roar of an Allosaurus. This sound can often be confused with the Tyrant Lizard King, and makes it much more scary to smaller dinosaurs who hear the roar. Hunting packs of Daspletosaurus often dont cooperate very well, even worse than Allosaurus packs usually do. Males snap at other males, and bloddy fights are common. In the end, usually no prey is killed or eaten, which in a nutshell is why Daspletosaurus usually hunt alone or with a mate. Nesting pairs of Daspletosaurus will often make their nests in sparse patches of forest close to a water source and a nice population of game to hunt. Chicks are often born aggresive, and sometimes playfights can become deadly; one chick can deliver a bite to the jugular, killing a chick, or hatchlings can gang up on the runt of the litter and then kill it. After reaching the size of an adult Troodon, the parents will start bringing in wounded prey for the chicks to learn how to finish off. Over time, as the chicks grow, the parents bring in live, uninjured prey, and allow the now Herrerasaurus-sized chicks to capture and kill the prey. By the time the chicks reach the size of an adult Dilophosaurus or Monolophosaurus, the parents will have been long gone. Sometimes the chicks try to pack up, but often that doesnt work out well. Strangley, more often does Daspletosaurus tend to hunt small ceratopsians like Einiosaurus and Styracosaurus rather than hadrosaurs such as Ouranosaurus and Muttaburrasaurus, like what adult Tyrannosaurus specimens usually attempts to hunt and kill.
Additional Information: Because of it's heavy simularities with it's grandson; Tyrannosaurus Rex, it is actually thought that Daspletosaurus is T-Rexes direct ancestor. Speculated around the world that the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex had evolved from the genes and structure of Daspletosaurus, and with a thick skull and a mouth full of bananna-sized fangs, it's easy to see the family resemblance. Here on Isla Sorna, when an encounter with a Tyrannosaurus and a Daspletosaurus occurs, the two individuals, having simular scents, appearance and coloration of both genders, will often mistake each other for the same species. One will grunt, the other might growl, and they head off in their separate directions. Although no direct rivarly between Daspletosaurus and Tyrannosaurus has emerged, it is not know if the two carnosaurs share a symbiosis.
Maximum Age: The oldest an adult Daspletosaurus has reached is 26.8 years.
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Daspletosaurus Lagnodensis
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