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 Ankylosaurus Magniventris

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Advanced Tyrannosaurus
Advanced Tyrannosaurus

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PostSubject: Ankylosaurus Magniventris   Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:54 am

Ankylosaurus Magniventris

Height: 9.4 feet
Weight: 5 tons
Length: 31 feet
Male: Underbelly is pale yellowish white, often with faint mixes of orange. Body armor on the back is charcoal grayish black, and the spikes sticking out of the back is blackish gray. Facial region is orangish red, and the eye's are brown or amber.
Young Male: Pale white underbelly with very faint mixes of orange. Body armor is gray, and the spikes are blunted and small. Facial region is orange, and the eyes are light brown or yellowish orange.
Female: Simular to the male, only the underbelly is pale white with mixes of yellow. Facial region is yellowish orange, and the eye's are also brown or yellowish amber. Body armor on the back is charcoal gray, but with ligher shades of black. Spikes are also ligher blackish gray.
Young Female: Pale beigish white underbelly with mixes of light yellow. Facial region is yellow, and the eyes are either brown or yellow. Body armor is light gray, with light shades of black.

Preferred Habitat: Sparse grasslands and forests, open Jungles, even living in swampy areas like the Delta.
Diet: Due to their fermenting-vac stomachs, Ankylosaurus can eat many types of things; cycads, ferns, ginkgoes, tubers, even some types of fungi are on the menu. Even with it's ability to do so, Ankylosaurus isn't very picky, eating almost any type of soft plant matter it comes in contact with.
Family: Ankylosauridae
Social Structure: Normally, adult Ankylosaurus are solitary, hard to find in large quanities together. But in some cases, as seen in Jurassic Park 3, Ankylosaurs tend to form small to medium-sized herds with up to four specimens led by an alpha male. Younglings tend to stick together in medium-sized groups with no real leader.
Description: Bulky-bodied, quadrupedal ankylosaur; the largest of the two species on Isla Sorna. Ankylosaurus has a set of massive spikes and horns sticking out of the backside of a bone-made 'plate' covering the back. The other main feature of Ankylosaurus is the tail club structured to the tip of the tail. This club is made of pure solid bone, and the force of impact can kill predators even the size of Carcharodontosaurus. Short, stubby legs where the back legs are taller than the front legs. Small skull with hardened eyelids.
Behavior: Known in childrens dinosaur books as a grumpy old dinosaur, Ankylosaurus is depicted in the wrong spotlight. Unlike the sour-attituded grouch seen in childrens dinosaur books, Ankylosaurus in truth is actually a gentle giant, even with the menacingly-looking body armor and the lethal tail club. On Isla Sorna, Ankylosaurs are quite possibly the best-armored dinosaurs; the rows of black spikes, stubs and horns sticking out the back of the bone-plated backside can be used with lethal force. If a smallish predator like Austroraptor were to attack an Ankylosaurus, the carnivore would easily be killed, impaled on the back spikes if it were to try and jump onto the backside. When a larger predator, say Tyrannosaurus or Allosaurus, were to attack an Ankylosaur, if the threatening back spikes were to fail, it could swing the tail club made of solid bone, and try to smack it against the stomach or the legs. Being able to swing the tail at nearly 100 degrees left and right, it can easily whap any predator close to it. The force of the impact would snap bones like twigs, paralyze the predator, and rupture internal organs beyond recovery. If even a letal club blow fails, the Ankylosaurus will simply lie down flat on the ground, and remain motionless. With the unprotected underbelly covered, their is no way a predator can successfully attack the lowered Ankylosaurus. Despite it's set of defensive armor, Ankylosaurus is generally a peaceful and docile animal like the behavior or Brachiosaurus and other large sauropods. Ankylosaurus is so peaceful it will even tolerate the presence of predators smaller than a Dilophosaurus in it's vicinity.
Additional Information: Because of their small skull and even smaller brain, Ankylosaurus is, in particular, quite dumb. It's poor sense of vision disallows it to spot predators even from a rough fifty feet away. But as it seems, Ankylosaurus has traded in it's sense of vision for a highly acute sense of smell. When it cant spot attackers from a short distance, Ankylosaurus can easily detect predators even as small as Troodon Pectinodon with their highly evolved sense of smell. It's nose can easily detect dangers from even as far as eight miles, two miles shorter than Tyrannosaurus Rex can.
Maximum Age: The oldest an adult Ankylosaurus has reached is 27.7 years.
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Ankylosaurus Magniventris
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