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Welcome to Prehistoric Paradise, a discussion forum where the main attractions ar the discussion of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and other related games. Also parpte in the official forum RP's; Isla Sorna: New Blood and Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar!!!!
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Hey, everyone! Just alerting guests and posibly future members that their are currently two slots left to become a board moderator. And their are four slots left for becoming a board RP moderator. Fill 'em in before their all gone!!
Welcome, guests and members, to PREHISTORIC PARADISE. Inspired by the now late Operation Genesis Paradise, this forum id dedicated to all of the current stock of Jurassic Park games aside from the world-infamous JPOG. If your a fan of the Jurassic Park games, join today!!!
Members of the board, be interested in the official board RP's, Isla Sorna: New Blood and Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar!!! Currently, the Isla Nublar RP is in the works, and the Isla Sorna RP is operational as we speak. If your a fan of the Jurassic Park movies and novels, and like the idea of playing as a Jurassic Park dinosaur, join the RP's now!!

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 Questions and Answers

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PostSubject: Questions and Answers   Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:23 pm

For all of those people who have questions on the board RP's please post your questions about them here. Post your question here, and an admin, mod or an RP mod will try to answer your question.

Sample Questions from the Administrator:
Q: How many in total species are on Isla Sorna?
A: I lost count, but the projected number of all species, including pterosaurs, marine reptiles and some gliding dinosaurs should be around seventy or eighty, maybe ninety, although dont count on it.

Q: What counts as a super-predator on Isla Sorna?
A: Acrocanthosaurus, Allosaurus Fragillis, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Charcarodontosaurus/Giganotosaurus.

Q: What doesnt count as a super-predator?
A: Ceratosaurus Nasicornis, Daspletosaurus, Austroraptor, Dilophosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Compsognathus, and anything smaller than those six. Velociraptor and Troodon may hunt large game on the islands, but when originally alone they can hunt only animals smaller than Thescelosaurus, and therefore doesnt count as a super-predator.

Q: How many islands are supposed to be in the RP?
A: Right now theres just Nublar and Sorna, but i plan on bringing in one or two more, for a projected total of four or five islands.

Q: How many Velociraptor PC's are going to be allowed on the islands?
A: I'm not quite sure yet, but it will be around a limit of one hundred and fifty to two hundred total. Troodon's wont have a population cap, since they are not as popular as Velociraptors and not many people own a Troodon character.

Q: When do you estimate the completion of the Isla Nublar project?
A: If i stay non-lazy long enough, maybe it'll be completed around Christmas/New Years Break.

Q: Are their any super-predators on Nublar?
A: Actually no, not really, but i may classify Baryonyx and Metri, being the biggest carnivores on the island, as a super-predator, with only one Rex alive on Nublar.

Q: What is the current state of Isla Nublar?
A: Pretty much demolished, as the bomb run laid by the Costa Rican government has destroyed most Isla Nublar facilities.

Q: Will their be contest and competitions on the RP, as well as Community Updates.
A: Most likely.

Now for some actual questions. This topic will be edited and answered and the questions with answers will be posted here.
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Questions and Answers
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