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 Mamenchisaurus Constructus

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PostSubject: Mamenchisaurus Constructus   Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:23 pm

Mamenchisaurus Constructus

Height: 29 feet
Weight: 31 tons
Length: 85 feet
Male: Vibrant yellowish orange mottled body, with small, jet black striping and blotches on the back. Underbelly is either pale yellowish white or just pale white. Last several yards of tail is pure yellow with no black markings. Eye's are either brown or amber with circular black pupils.
Young Male: Dull yellowish orange mottling with small brownish black spotting and striping. Eye's are light brown or amber with roundish black pupils. Underbelly is pale white.
Female: Dullish yellowish orange mottled body with smallish black striping and blotches. Eye's are either dark brown or amber with circular black pupils. Underbelly is either pale white or pale yellowish white. Las several yards of the tail is also pure yellow with no black markings, simular to the male.
Young Female: Pale yellow mottling with brownish black striping and spotting. Eye's are either light amber or brown with roundish black pupils. Underbelly is pale white.

Preferred Habitat: Open grasslands with little to no trees with lots of vegitation to eat.
Diet: Low-lying to medium-growing vegitation, as well as treetop foliage. Because of the long neck of a Mamenchisaurus, they can feed in a variety of places, from treetop vegitation to grass.
Family: Apatosauridae
Social Structure: Normally solitary, occasionaly pairing up and forming very small groups b/c of it's large size which takes up large amounts of space.
Description: Extremely large, quadrupedal sauropod; easily having the longest neck of any sauropod on Isla Sorna, measuring at almost thirty-five feet in adults. Thick and long, tree trunk-like legs used to handle it's massive weight. Very long tail which at the last couple rods is made up of bony rods. These rods can be moved in a whip-like fashion, and is able to be smacked at predators, breaking bones like twigs and rupturing internal organs. Smallish head filled with simply-designed, peg-like teeth.
Behavior: Mamenchisaurus are the second longest sauropods or dinosaurs on Isla Sorna, losing only to the collosal Brachiosaurus Althithorax in length. It is because of their large length that they are forced to be either solitary or smallish pairs or groups, as a whole herd of Mamenchisaurus can take up even one/fourth of the Game Trail. Mamenchisaurus is also less common then the other sauropod species on the island, as not nearly as noisy as the other sauropods. The most common and average call of Mamenchisaurus is a deep bellow, but their sounds can vary from roars to groans and even high-pitched screeches. Common to sauropods, they also communicate with infrasounds which can travel over very long distances. Adult Mamenchisaurus are at risk of being hunted down by packs of Allosaurus Fragillis. In an attempt to be protected by the carnosaurs, adult Mamenchisaurs tend to surround themselves with herds of ceratopsians except Triceratops, which are almost strict about what herbivores they are around. Because of this common event, it is not rare and is almost an iconic scene to see a lone Mamenchisaurus in a circle of Einiosaurus or Styracosaurus, traveling across open grasslands. After hatching, young Mamenchisaurus take shelter in abandoned burrows or hide in falled tree logs, and try to use their coloration to avoid being detected by predators.
Additional Information: Mamenchisaurus are almost always at risk off attack from the pack-hunting Allosaurus Fragillis. Not living in herds or even groups at most times, and Allosaurus packs having around five to seven members, an average adult can easily be taken down by a normal Allosaurus pack. Because of this, most Mamenchisaurus tend to be surrounded or stick near groups of Einiosaurus and/or Styracosaurus. Using the smaller, but heavily-armored herbivores as lookouts and extra defense, they can fend of even the largest Allosaurus pack, benefiting both the Mamenchisaurus and the ceratopsians.
Maximum Age: The oldest an adult Mamenchisaurus has reached is 28.9 years.
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Mamenchisaurus Constructus
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