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 Gallimimus Bullatus

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Advanced Tyrannosaurus
Advanced Tyrannosaurus

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PostSubject: Gallimimus Bullatus   Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:32 pm

Gallimimus Bullatus

Height: 9.7 feet
Weight: 1,628 pounds
Length: 21 feet
Male: Vibrant yellowish orange with dark, jet black blotches and stripes ranging in shape, size, and fadeness. Underbelly are either orangish yellow with mixes of white or tan yellowish white. Eye's, like the females, are either light yellow, orange or green with round, orangish black pupils.
Young Male: Light orange with small, black blotches and striping all over the body. Underbelly is pale white and the eye's are yellow.
Female: Very light orangish yellow, with faint darker yellow striping and small blotches on the body. Underbelly is usually tan yellowish white or plain white with mixes of yellow, and the eye's are either yellow, light orange or green with round, yellowish black pupils.
Young Female: Tan yellow with small, dark beigish yellow striping and very faint and small blotches. Eye's are light yellow, orange or green and the underbelly is is pale white with black, round pupils.

Preferred Habitat: Open grasslands, or area's where itself and it's herd can move around well.
Diet: Although most books classify Gallimimus as a herbivore, Gallimimus is actually an omnivore; eating a variety of foods, from lizards, small snakes, mammals to raiding dinosaur eggs and nests, to feeding upon green plants, seeds, fruits and berries.
Family: Ornithomimosauridae
Social Structure: Often in large herds led by an alpha male or female. These 'flocks' can have up to 30 individuals, consisting mainly of females and young.
Description: Medium-sized, bipedal ornithopod; the largest cloned by InGEN. Long, muscular forearms tipped with five fingers on each hand, these are formed so that an individual can actually grasp onto round shapes, specifically dinosaur eggs. Powerful, bony beak filled with no teeth, but can be used to crack into hadrosaur eggs to rach in at the embryo. Thin, long tail used for balance when running or swimming. Thin, swan-like neck which can be twisted around to observe the surroundings.
Behavior: Like Parasaurolophus, Gallimimus has a good sense of eyesight which allows them to spot a predator before it can mount an attack. When a Gallimimus spots a predator, it calls out a loud, high-pitched screech, simular to a Velociraptor. Like giraffes and zebras of today, other herbivores tolerate the presence of Gallimimus near them, as it gives them a warning that herbivores like sauropods want to have. Gallimimus is an incredibly fast animal; one of the fastest animals on Isla Sorna, capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 MPH. Also, Gallimimus can be spooked very easily; even the slightest movement of a non-dangerous animal will cause the entire herd to stampede, trampling anything in their path. During the breeding season, Gallimimus migrate to the grasslands and begin to fight for breeding rights. Males squak aggresivly at each other, and hit each other with their powerful hind legs and forearms. This is very risky for the males, as a hit to the wrong side will severly injure or even kill the other male. After mating, females begin to make nests in the ground and lay their eggs. Then they will wait there for a period of months untill the eggs hatch, and they will all stay there untill the young are big enough to travel with the herd. While the adults wait for the yougn to grow, they feed off of the hadrosaurs eggs that are laid by the adults, snatching up eggs for themselves as well as the already hatched young. Females often lay their eggs within other female Gallimimus's nests, and when the eggs hatch, both the females take turns to guard the eggs. Young Gallimimus feed off of nothing but hadrosaur eggs and young, and since young hadrosaurs are high in protien, the young Gallimimus grow incredibly fast, being able to travel with the herd in a period of months. Although a Gallimimus looks defensless, it is actually a dangerous adversary; it's legs are very powerful and the toes on the feet are very strong, able to kill even the largest of a Nublarensis raptor. As well as this, it's long forearms are very powerful, able to swipe at a small attacker with incredible force, as well as snap at it's attacker with it's strong beak.
Additional Information: Gallimimus have flourished all over Isla Sorna. Able to live in a variety of enviroments, such as the grasslands, the Mountain Ranges, the Jungle, and even the Delta Compounds, they have managed to spread across the island, which is why they are so widespread across Isla Sorna.
Maximum Age: The oldest a Gallimimus individual can be is 29.9 years.
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Gallimimus Bullatus
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